I want to personally welcome you to the website of Red Creek Baptist Church. We are a country church with a loving family atmosphere located about 6 miles west of Wiggins, Mississippi and would love to have you visit us if you're ever in our area.
Our church was established in 1826 and has a rich heritage and history of her organizing into a local New Testament Church.
If you like a church who believes the King James Bible is still the Word of God, and believe that old time singing from the hymnals, and lifting up our Saviour is still right, then you would fit right in!
We believe the Word of God is still inerrant, inspired and preserved in 2014. We believe a man still gets saved by the drawing power of the Holy Ghost of God and the preaching of God's Word.
I have been the Pastor here since 1999 and have seen our God do some miraculous things. Please feel free to send us an email if we can ever be of service to you. Thank you for visiting our website and may our God bless you in days to come.
In His Service,

Bro. Scotty Rayburn

Contact Us

Red Creek Baptist Church

630 Smithtown Rd

Wiggins, MS 39577

Phone: (601) 928-5260

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